Needed Services

DRC Development Projects Available:

Construction & Infrastructures:
Roads, public housing, military & police barracks, hospitals, schools, Libraries and government buildings.

Telephone & Communications Technology Systems:
Providing complete satellite telephone systems, including mobile phones, satellite vehicle tracking systems, etc.

Water Desalination and Purification Systems:
Providing healthy water technology.

Law Enforcement:
Training and Supplies (uniforms, boots, hats, etc) for security officers.

Food & Agriculture:
Related products and production equipment; rice, sugar, corn, wheat, meats and more.

Housing Construction:
Supplying affordable prefabricated houses or setting up construction systems for affordable housing and administration office buildings.

Prefabricated Housing: 
Setting up turn-key housing projects for affordable housing, and rehabilitation houses for displaced people, military and police barracks, and housing for public workers.

Airplanes, trains and buses for public transportation.

Health & Wellness:
Complete turn-key hospitals, medical and wellness education centers.  Nutritional supplements, vitamins, medical & hospital equipment. If the product or service you're looking for is not listed here, click here and we'll contact one of our several hundred suppliers in the U.S. to fill your needs.

We arrange Executive Meetings

We facilitate high level business meetings and facilitation for DRC prospective development partners

we facilitate high level business meetings with key decision makers in the DRC to make sure prospective partners receive accurate information in the field of their intended collaboration. We provide social, cultural, and economic insights to make sure prospects are well informed prior to their engagements in the DRC.

Sponsored Government Projects


We work closely with DRC ministry of labour to gather information about projects that have been sponsored in the past and those that still need sponsorship or collaboration. We do this to give clear pictures about Congolese people's needs so that prospective investors and donors could clearly focus on specific project.