Promoting DRC Development via Cultural&International Partnership Projects

Creating windows of opportunities for Congolese citizens 

Address: 71 - 75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ - UK

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CODEP Experience

After a decade of working with different charitable organisations around Sub Saharan Africa, we have now decided to share our passion with DRC communities by advocating for their development needs and goals that they want to achieve in the next decade. For this to happen, we use our  expertise, experiences and local knowledge to support DRC development agenda by providing trustable services and information to prospective DRC development partners.

Working with CODEP

Using International Facilitators when preparing for an International Development Projects is usually a promising and way forward —that’s why when it comes to local knowledge and partners selection, we’re always choosy. This way, we want to give prospective development partners and donors social, cultural and economic insights, time and guidance they require so that they could support DRC development in the right way.  

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